Molcular Photonics for Medicine

What's our Lab?
This is the lab for Molecular Photonics for Medicine.
The motto of our lab for the study is “Seeing is believing”. One of our challenges is to see what nobody knows by applying photonics, mechanics, electronics, informatics, and so on. Even if a phenomenon is hard to understand, seeing the phenomenon makes the phenomenon as reality, which innovates science and technology. Then, we would like to revolutionize science and technology by making the impossible possible.
"Seeing creates a possibility, and simple thinking leads us to the essence of the possibility, leading state-of-the-art science. Technology advances by diversifying the possibilities".
Mission, Vision and Value statements
To visualize various phenomena, identify the essence, and create possibilities by photonics
To bring inspiration and innovation from nature to all people in the world through "Photonics in pursuit of Seeing" co-created through interdisciplinary cooperation
Five Core Values
Be innovative
We innovate the world by creative destruction with the spirit to enjoy the controversy without fearing the heresy theory.
Be challenging
We challenge what nobody has done.
Be open
We welcome diversity, and innovate the world through interdisciplinary cooperation.
Be integrity
We are honest, open, ethical, and fair in science. We accept the facts without prejudice, and drive the new science and technology.
Be a leader
We lead world knowledge as a scientist with a professional mind.
Think simple
Challenge innovation without fear of failure
Failure teaches success
Chance favors only the prepared mind
Diversified standpoints are the driving force for creativity
Perform experiments optimistically, think results pessimistically
"Innovation, Discovery, and beyond"
"Seeing is believing"
"Visualizing the invisible"
Current research interests
  • Remote plasmonics
  • Raman spectroscopy and microscopy
  • Nonlinear photonics
  • Coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering microscopy
  • Optical-frequency-comb spectroscopy
  • Laser control (Jitter reduction and pulse optimization)
  • Medical and biological applications
  • Inflammatory liver disease
  • MASLD (Metabolic dysfunction-associated steatotic liver disease)
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